Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Introduction

In which our intrepid/daring/audacious/charming/fearless/devastatingly beautiful author outlines her plan for this blog (without an actual outline and not much of an actual plan). 

Everyone knows that if you have a blog with either a cute gimmick or hilarious drawings, you will get a book deal and become that special amount of famous in which many people love you rabidly but most people have no idea who you are, so I have decided to write this blog. Since I can't draw, I'm doing the cute gimmick thing--I'm going to be reading all of Shakespeare's plays in chronological order, one per week for 37 weeks,* and writing about it here.

Having made this decision, I expect that the entries will come tumbling from my brain like Athena from Zeus' forehead. Should that not happen, I may end up getting drunk and post videos of myself reenacting scenes from the plays with my dog. After all, I do intend for this to be a fun exploration of Shakespeare's plays. It's a little too easy to overdo solemn when talking Shakespeare. And I know if I take myself too seriously, I'll end up mired in self doubt (like Hamlet, and we know how well that worked out for him) and never get anything written or published. Although, to be honest, that doesn't sound like the worst thing to me--part of the (real) reason I'm doing this is I'm sort of shy about my writing, as well as being overly perfectionistic. Which would be fine, except that I am a writer (neither paid nor published, but none the less), and sometimes people want to know what I write about, or--god forbid--actually read something I've written, and I should probably get a little more comfortable with it. 

I hope Idris Elba plays me in the movie adaptation of this blog.**

*There's some uncertainty as to how many plays Shakespeare actually wrote, but this seems to be a fairly agreed-upon number.

**I am 26, and white, and American, and a woman, but I feel like he'd be right for the part.

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